Their latest self-titled EP showcases the manic fervor, dynamic range, creative melodicism, and pointed lyrics that define the group.” - Jon C. Ireson

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...songs that pack powerful heavy-metal riffs and feature shredding solos and Weaver’s vocals soaring...” - Charlie Swanson

Pacific Sun

The musicianship amongst these bandmates is absolutely phenomenal; you can tell that these individuals are seasoned and realize their vision.” - Lauren Rosier

That Music Mag

Society has created these monsters, and Modern Monsters wants us to attack these plagues on our culture with righteous anger and enthusiasm.” - Dan MacIntosh


Modern Monsters have it going on! Crushing layers of guitars, massive rhythmic pulses, and defiant, aggressive vocals hit with a sonic wallop.” - Randall Radic terms of composition and energy—hell, let’s call it what it is, rocket fuel in several passages...” - Deuce

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