"In a time when mainstream music often feels superficial and uninspired, Bay Area-based hard rock band Modern Monsters emerges as a breath of fresh air."” - Amir Bakian

LA Weekly

California Bay Area hard rock band Modern Monsters has created some gorgeously melodic songs for a self-proclaimed ‘hard’ rock band. ” - Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

North Hollywood Arts District

"Eschewing the flatness of mainstream music, Modern Monsters’ sound amalgamates greasy, down-and-dirty rock with raw edginess, a sound conjuring up raging cogency, crawling with sinister secrets."” - Randy Radic

V13 Media

the quintet have a punchy signature sound that exemplifies their desire to scorch the earth wherever their feet may rest.” - Lisa Hafey

Essentially Pop

Modern Monsters‘ hard-rocking energy is enjoyably abundant throughout their Malice EP” - Mike Mineo

Obscure Sound

Their latest self-titled EP showcases the manic fervor, dynamic range, creative melodicism, and pointed lyrics that define the group.” - Jon C. Ireson

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